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    1. Talent concept


      Talent concept

      Talent concept

      2017-10-18 17:20:05

      Core Idea:

      Let the person who wants to be the officer have the opportunity,the person who can be the officer has the stage,the person who does the job has the status and benefits.Only using the talented.

      Firstly: Equal stress on integrity and ability

      The selection and use of talents,according to the overall measure,the requirements of virtue and ability,insist that who has virtue but no ability is a mediocre person,has ability but no virtue is a base person,virtue must not be neglected.

      Secondly:Theory of effectiveness

      On employment:we don’t take a fancy to educational background but ability.No matter what identity,educational degree,age,as long as you could do better than other people,perform outstandingly,we would use you boldly and entrust you with heavy responsibility.At the present,the average age of the company’s technicians and middle managers is about 32years,and the average age of the factory supervisor is about 28years.Although some of their educational background are not very high,and their age are not very old,but they have the ability,drive,and performance.We adhere to the effect theory employing mechanism,which makes a large number of talents and become the backbone of enterprise development.

      Thirdly:Practice is first

      It is said that it takes seven years before the test is full.In the past years,all kinds of professionals who have worked in Paltech have been able to improve in practice,and then through public examinations,select the best candidates.

      Fourthly:Survival of the fittest

      In the selection of talents,we have realized the transformation from “academic background and professional title” to “ability and achievements”,who has done the best,then we can reuse him as a talent.Otherwise,you can only be eliminated.

      Fifth:Every man is a man

      In the use of talent,elimination of the mold and mystification,according to the principle that the quantity is suitable for the person.It is of significance that take the right people to the right position.we arrange them to the relative suitable position according to their ability,experience,personality and so on,it has promoted the continuous and rapid development of our enterprises.

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