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    1. About Us

      About Us


      About Us

      Paltech precise Electronic ,.Ltd is a high-tech enterprise engaged in manufacturing and selling of high precision double-side,multi-layer printed circuit boards, we support the full range of our customer's PCB needs, from regional prototypes to medium and high-volume PCBs. 

      Our compnay was founded in Sep,1999, plant area is 30000m2, mainly manufacture single-layer.double-layer and multi-layer PCBs, which are used in a variety of applications, ranging from Electronic Communications to automotive and etc..., The PCB are sales to Europe ,North America . Asia others and China Taiwan

      Company obtained ISO 9001:2000 certificate in Sep, 2001

      Company obtained ISO 9001:2008 certificate in Jun, 2004

      Company obtained ISO/TS 16949:2000 certificate in Mar,2013

      Company obtained ISO 14001:2004 certificate in Feb, 2014

      company adopts the group management, informationization and  internationalization advanced management mode. Paltech precise Electronic ,.Ltd  is the most competitive enterprises in high precision printed circuits board in China. Driven by our desire to make our company as famous brand in both local and global.

      Till now, our company has qualified and certificated by ISO90001,ISO14001, TS16949 and UL. All our products comply with IPC, Rohs and etc...

      Our company has powerfully R&D team, who dedicated to develop new technology such as high-frequency,high TG, high CTI, impedance,blind and buried holes, Grid-Flex boards, halogen free and etc...

      Our PCBs are used in a variety of applications, ranging from Electronic Communications, computer internation, rigid products, industry control, medical, aerospace and defense etc....

      With scientific management,stability of product quality, advanced technology and prefesional service, we wins our customer's praise in both local and global.

      Our company has many high-quality staffs with over ten yeas experience in PCB field. In order to enter into high technology international market, we has introduced may international management and sales talents from Taiwan. We have industrial plant and overall process equipment, manufacturing 1~20L PCBs: 36,000m2; the fast delivery time of double-side is 48h, multi-layer is 120h. 


      We are a people-oriented company, promise"treat customer as center, people as core, quality as precondition, continue to make progress", we have always adhered to market-oriented, quality and efficiency as warranty, seeking best product and best service, continuing to improve customer satisfaction is our goal. We are looking forward to contributing our greatest strength to continuous progress of the electronics industry under the strong support of our customers.

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